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tiny desk contest
tiny desk contest

Your Sound. Your Voice. Our Desk.

Hundreds of artists have played behind NPR Music's Tiny Desk.

Could you be next?


Update: The entry deadline for the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest has been extended to April 27.
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How To Enter

Know The Rules

Only eligible entries can win the Contest. Does your entry have what it takes?

We’ve got a quick and easy way to help you find out!

Make your video

When you enter the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest, you join a nationwide community of music-makers and creators. Get started on your video now!

Here's what you do:
  • Create a new video that shows you playing one song you've written.
  • Do it the way you'd perform a Tiny Desk concert: at a desk. (Any desk!)
  • Upload your video to YouTube.
  • Fill out our entry form after it opens at 10 a.m. ET on Feb. 11 and before 11:59 p.m. ET on April 27, 2020.
The winner will:
  • Play a Tiny Desk concert at NPR in Washington, D.C.
  • Tour the United States with NPR, supported by State Farm
Keep these things in mind:
  • We're looking for undiscovered talent; you can't have a current recording contract.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S. to enter.
  • Our panel of judges — including members of NPR Music, DJs from NPR Member stations and Tiny Desk alums — will choose our winner.
  • Check our Official Rules for all the requirements. Take this quiz to see if you're eligible.

Questions? Contact us

Meet the Winners

Quinn Christopherson

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Quinn Christopherson is an Athabaskan and Inupiaq songwriter who combines thoughtful songwriting with a powerful sense of perspective. His music is warm and vulnerable; in it, he reflects on his childhood, honors the relationships in his life and addresses his role as a transgender individual navigating Alaska's social landscape.

Naia Izumi

Naia Izumi's entry video for "Soft Spoken," recorded in his home studio in Los Angeles, showcases his virtuoistic talent and the gentle spirit he brings to his music.

Tank and the Bangas

New Orleans’ Tank and the Bangas conveys its freewheeling spirit through a sound that combines pop, hip-hop, funk, spoken word and musical theater. The band’s entry video won over our judges with its undeniable, joyful energy. 

Since winning the Contest, Tank and the Bangas has played to sold-out crowds across the United States and Europe, including performing at Coachella and headlining NPR Music's 10th birthday party.

Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea has been playing violin for more than 20 years. She builds on a repertoire of traditional Celtic and American fiddle music, writing original songs that incorporate folk-rock influences, looping tracks and an inventive style. 

Since winning the Contest, Gaelynn has toured the world and played at renowned venues including The Kennedy Center and House of Blues Chicago. She is also an advocate for people with disabilities.

Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito’s winning entry in the 2015 Tiny Desk Contest was a raw, soulful performance captured at a makeshift desk in a freight elevator.

Since winning the Tiny Desk Contest, Fantastic Negrito has played at a number of major music festivals and at Madison Square Garden, and has won three Grammy awards.

Meet the judges

FPO bob boilen
Bob Boilen

Bob hosts NPR Music's All Songs Considered and is a creator of the Tiny Desk series.

bobby sq
Bobby Carter

Bobby is the Associate Producer for Tiny Desk concerts at NPR Music.

raina douris sq
Raina Douris

Raina Douris is an award-winning radio personality from Toronto, Ontario and a host of WXPN’s World Cafe.

Tarik Moody sq
Tarik Moody

Tarik is the evening music host and digital manager for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. He also hosts a weekly show called The Rhythm Lab.

quinn christopherson sq 2
Quinn Christopherson

Quinn Christopherson is an Athabaskan and Inupiaq songwriter. He won the 2019 Tiny Desk Contest thanks to his earnest, stirringly personal music.

Brittany Howard Sq
Brittany Howard

A magnetic singer and songwriter, Brittany makes powerful music that tells stories with vision and empathy.

gina sq
Gina Chavez

Gina is a Latin pop singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas whose music showcases openness and warmth.

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