Out of thousands of entries, one rose to the top.

We're proud to name New Orleans group Tank and the Bangas the winner of the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest!

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New Orleans’ Tank and the Bangas conveys its freewheeling spirit through a sound that combines pop, hip-hop, funk, spoken word and musical theater. The band’s entry video — set in an art classroom — won over our judges with its undeniable, joyful energy. Lead vocalist Tarriona “Tank” Ball has a playful way with words, thanks in part to her roots in New Orleans’ slam poetry scene. The band has played festivals all over the country, and has opened for artists like Big Freedia and Lianne La Havas.

We're excited to welcome Tank and the Bangas to the Tiny Desk at NPR in Washington, D.C., where they will play their own Tiny Desk concert. They also win the opportunity to appear at a taping of NPR's Ask Me Another and to tour the United States with NPR and Lagunitas.

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Here's where you can watch videos from the musicians who've entered the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest. Find your band's entry, or just have a look around at what everyone's been creating. 

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From our “10 More Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Love” article

Diana Gameros, “¿Cómo Hacer?”

We saw a lot of political songs in this year’s Tiny Desk Contest, but few were as affecting, or broad-ranging, as Diana Gameros’ “¿Cómo Hacer?”. Her steady fingerpicking and elegantly simple melody create a calm within the storm, a safe place for big questions and long-ailing wounds that transcend any news cycle. Her voice has a remarkable expressive range. She’s at once strong and breathy — in an instant, wounded and boldly searching. The song ends on an unresolved note, a brave and honest reply to questions that have no answer. Our colleague, Felix Contreras, also shared her song last week on Alt.Latino. 


10 More Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Loved

When we announce the winner of our Tiny Desk Contest, it’s always a momentous day. Tank and the Bangas won this year’s Contest, and we’ve been thrilled with the response that the band’s received. We know Tank and her bandmates are going to keep doing great things.

But the Contest isn’t just one long push to the day we announce the winner. And it’s about more than just that one winner. It is about everyone — our winner included — coming together to share that most precious part of themselves: their music. It’s about a community of artists lifting one another up. It is, and has always been, about the undiscovered musicians in this country and the dreams that sustain them.

In that spirit, we’ve featured 10 more of the many incredible acts we saw in this year’s Contest over on All Songs Considered. Find a new musician to fall in love with, and spread the word about them. 

Find out who the 10 artists are here.

After Leaving Justin Timberlake’s Label, A Garage-Soul Singer Forges Her Own Path

Orlando, Fla. Tiny Desk Contest entrant The Sh-Booms was featured this weekend on Weekend Edition Saturday. Here’s an excerpt of lead singer Brenda Radney on her entry and her music career:

“We submitted because I have known about Tiny Desk forever. I knew all about this Contest. I didn’t write the song — Al wrote the song because he’s the writing genius of the band. And we had a photo shoot and Al was like, 'Hey we should try to submit because I think they’re closing the submissions tomorrow.’ … everybody had their gear, and we just made it happen.

“The song is called ‘Audible,’ and the context of the song is speaking to a significant other or an ex-lover and basically telling them that, 'Hey, you’re making my life really difficult and I’m kinda pumping the breaks on this.’ It’s everybody’s favorite song, it’s the last song that we usually sing and play when we’re performing …

“I go back and forth between ‘I want to do this as a career,’ versus ‘I do this for fun.’ I think when I had the deal [with Justin Timberlake’s label], it became not fun, and that bothered me. Now, I do this for fun, even though I am broke, it doesn’t matter. But at the same time, I do sort of wish that I could make this a full-time thing …

“But as it stands right now, Brenda and The Sh-Booms are a thing. We’re gonna ride this puppy until the legs fall off.”

In the past year, the band has opened for The B-52s and The Roots.  Hear the interview and listen to their music.

Alt.Latino Showcases 13 Latin Entries To The Tiny Desk Contest

Yesterday, a big snowstorm kept many of NPR’s East Coast-based employees home for the day. Alt.Latino host Felix Contreras weathered the storm in the best way I can imagine — by making Korean stir-fry and recording a podcast about some of his favorite Latin Tiny Desk Contest entries. Check out the video for one of his picks, MaJo, above, then click through to see the 12 other amazing musicians he’s spotlighted!


For This Musical Community, The Tiny Desk Contest Was An Excuse To Reunite

Back in January, we shared a New York musician’s call to his local music community in the city. Alex Bondarev of Bronx, N.Y. had previously submitted to the Contest with his band Conversing with Oceans and he had a great idea: Pool his community’s resources and bring local musicians together to help film some of the best music New York (and especially the Bronx) has to offer.

Alex moved to the Bronx from Russia when he was young, and he became involved in a musical community called the Bronx Underground. His band played the first-ever show the community put on, and he was involved until it ended around 2015.

“I thought, I have a friend that does sound, I have a friend who does video,” he says. “Why not just invite our friends from the Bronx Underground and have it be like this epic show get-together where everybody just walks away with a great video?”

Soon, that idea became the Tiny Bronx Contest — an evening in January where 12 local bands got together to make their videos for the Tiny Desk Contest. This weekend, Alex was on Weekend Edition sharing his story and some of the amazing entries he captured. Take a listen, then watch Alex’s entry below. You can find a full playlist of the entries the Tiny Bronx Contest produced here.


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